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Privacy Policy

Personal data policy for FRIT ApS (FRIT)


FRIT is as data controller obliged to protect your personal data, when you as user or guest are

using FRIT and the services offered by FRIT, and aim at you feeling secure about FRIT’s handling

of your personal data. FRIT handles personal data about you according to this charter on personal

data and governing law. Submission of personal data to FRIT is shared with WebHouse ApS, the

data processor.


1. FRIT collects and uses your personal data


FRIT collects information about you in the following instance:

When you wish to make use of FRIT’s services, information about you is collected in order to

handle your approach to and/or your use of FRIT, and in order to offer and supply you with

relevant services for you.

Likewise your personal data are used in order to answer specific requests from you. In this

connection FRIT collects only the necessary information about you such as name, address, phone

number and email address.

Your personal data are processed and stored only if you voluntarily have informed FRIT about

them for instance by sending an email to FRIT requesting information or for other services related

to FRIT.


2. FRIT passes on your personal data


In certain cases FRIT passes on your personal data, which is processed about you. Your personal

data can be passed on for instance to:

• a. suppliers FRIT cooperates with providing services for you

• b. other relevant third parties in connection with your use of FRIT; or

• c. if it is demanded by a conviction or governing law.

The passing on of your personal data will only happen to the extent needed and to the necessary

receivers making it possible to carry out the service you have requested for instance in connection

with email communication with FRIT.


3. FRIT protects your personal data


FRIT has technical and safety precautions to ensure, that your personal data neither accidentally

nor illegally are erased, made public, lost, depreciated or made open to irrelevant persons,

misused or in any other way handled contrary to governing law. FRIT’s safety procedures and

processes are revised on an on-going basis in order to ensure reasonable technical and organizing

safety precautions.

In practice it is not possible to establish 100 % safety and FRIT therefore cannot guarantee that

your personal data are protected against persons who deliberately attempts to bypassing FRIT’s

safety precautions in order to access the data.

Therefore you are submitting your personal data on your own responsibility.


4. Your rights


If you want access to the information, which Stensborg is processing about you, you can contact

FRIT at or phone +45 4677 4041.

You have the right to be informed about which personal data FRIT processes about you. If it turns

out that this information is incorrect or misguiding, you are entitled to make a request to FRIT in

order to have this information corrected, blocked or erased. Moreover you can at any time protest

against information about you being processed any further.

You can request that your personal data are erased. In such case FRIT cannot supply you with the

services originally requested.


5. For how long does FRIT store your personal data – on-going commitment to erase data


With FRIT your personal data are stored as long as it is necessary in order to deliver the services,

you have asked for, as long as it is necessary for a justified purpose, such as the administration of

your use of FRIT or as long as it is demanded by the law. If we as data controller and data

processor are obliged to store the data about you from legislative reasons we store the data for as

long as this legislation is ruling.

Your personal data are stored for a maximum of 5 years after the latest use and even longer if

requested by governing law.


6. What happens if FRIT changes this charter on personal data


FRIT continously updates this charter on personal data in order to present you with as precise

information as possible and in order to observe ruling law. This implies that FRIT on an on-going

basis will update and change this charter on personal data. In case of essential changes FRIT will

notify you by email. The version in force of this charter of personal data can be obtained from FRIT



7. Contacts and questions


You are very welcome to contact us, if you have any questions concerning charter on personal

data or the personal data, which we are collecting and processing about you:



Frederiksborgvej 399

DK-4000 Roskilde

+45 4677 4041